A closer look at expat life in Dubai [United Arab Emirates]. Warning: may contain traces of yoga, attempts at clean living and technology.

MinyLife gushes, and occasionally gurgles, out of the imagination of Miki and Jonny (who together form “MiNy”), from their ivory tower currently located in Dubai Marina.

We have two cats, and we try their utmost to be healthy, off and on. A French lady of Japanese origins who met and married her erstwhile stalker, a Britisher no less, both working in the increasingly digitally enabled environment.
Previous episodes, which occurred prior to publishing this blog but may reappear as an archive post in the near future, include: quitting smoking and booze, the 5:2 diet, investing in your health, studio reviews, restaurants worthy of our blog. You get the gist. If we like it, we write about it.

Occasionally MinyWife will take the reins and enlighten the blogosphere in her native tongue. You may have to forgive her Parisian brand of French.

Have a great day 🙂

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