Thinking Inside The Box: announcing the podcast

Well here it is:

More than ten years after my first podcasting experience whilst living in London, here we are back again now that podcasts are the “it” place to be. Niche audiences, mobile devices looking for on-demand audio content, podcasts are growing in popularity indeed.

A recent research into the growing phenomenon by Markettiers, focused on my home market of the UAE, highlights several key reasons why this is where brands should be, based on a few key highlights as follows:

  1. Podcast listeners spend 25% more on food and drink than non podcast listeners

  2. Podcast listeners spend 25% more on entertainment and travel than non podcast listeners

  3. 93% of people who listen to a podcast, finish it

That last insight is particularly relevant in this day of fighting for the attention of your target audience. But what has this got to do with launching my own podcast? And, if you listen to it, you will realise that it isn’t particularly thrilling, compelling or useful. Yet.

But it will be. If just one of my lovely contacts and I find the time to drill into the creative challenges faced in the marketing communications arena. The point is, the podcast was inspired by the hackneyed term “thinking outside the box” and how communicators define their competitive advantage or otherwise on their own terms, i.e. what does their box look like.

To date, I have yet to invite someone else into my audio space. But it will happen. And when it does, I sincerely hope it will prove useful to my audience. That’s where you come in.

Just in case you missed the link at the top:


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