Ten Thousand Steps

This is it, folks. A new chapter for the Miny duo has started with 2019. Bikram has taken a back burner, Pilates still part of the mix, but the key ingredient these last two weeks has been achieving a solid number of steps per day. Ten thousand minimum, to be precise.

Doesn’t sound much I suppose, for those reading this living in sprawling metropoli such as London, Paris or New York, where walking is unconsciously auctioned like breathing, part of a daily commute, a daily grind is Dubai dwellers can easily omit. Here we are somewhat spoiled, living in our air conditioned capsules where a commute to work can typically include: leave the apartment, lift to parking, walk 50 steps max to the car, drive to office parking, walk 100 steps to office lift, park arse at desk for 9 hours minimum. Rinse and repeat on a daily basis.

Walking 3000 steps a day would be a normal day without a concerted effort. We have shifted our schedules to get up at 5am every day, prepare breakfast and be out walking around the Marina or on the beach well before sunrise. Not only does this, in our humble opinion, start your day the right way (breakfast and exercise, however mild), but also we find ourselves talking together more than ever. You simply can’t stare into your mobile phone when you’re trotting around the neighbourhood.

More to follow on this habit we are forming, if you’re lucky we might even blog a tad about our attempts at keto dieting and intermittent fasting.

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